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The Jefferson Diner was first established in 1941 by C.W. Hutchenson as a 24 hour diner known as “Jefferson Diner Car”.  The diner was described as a “old train dining car with limited seating configured with two double booths, two single booths at the front south side.  The only other seating was a row of stools along the counter” all of which remain today.


The Lou Licate family took ownership Jefferson Diner in 2000. 

In 2012, Anita and Gary Licate purchased the diner to keep it in the family. 

They remain “hands on” operators and can be found at the diner most days greeting customers .


The Jefferson Diner has been recognized as part of Jefferson Local Historic District.


Lou Licate
Anita & Gary Licate
Featured on Fox 8 "Diners Road Trip"

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